Buying or selling a house is not just about agreeing on a price with your broker, organizing an open house on a Sunday afternoon and then go to the notary to finalize the transaction. All these steps are obviously very important but the role of the professional broker is much more demanding. The latter advises, accompanies, answers questions and must be available almost permanently. Karen Staddon and Guy Boisvert were all that for us at for the sale of our house: Karen took the case in hand from the beginning and accompanied us and advised us in our search for an apartment for rent then through all the selling process; Guy then took over for the inspection and all the work that followed. Karen Staddon and Guy Boisvert offer a complete service, an "all inclusive" with a professionalism and a competence to any test. We recommend them without reservation.

Lise Gingras-Lavoie et Serge Lavoie

Karen and Carolyn have sold me two 2x's in which we renovated and transformed into co-properties. She handled the land surveyor, the notary and she even came by to make sure the renovations were what potential buyers may be looking for. They are always available. I renovated the duplexes and sold them separately. We did very well in the end . The result was more than I expected. I have to say that with their guidance I felt really comfortable with the whole process. They were both very knowledgable.

Gille Andre Poupart

We bought a house from Karen. We were referred to her from our friends that had bought and sold from her. We were very nervous as this was my first purchase and we had limited funds. She made sure to only show us what we could afford. We still hesitated but she gave a gentle push and we purchased a duplex for our family. She was assertive but not aggressive which really made us feel comfortable with the decision. We are so happy that we jumped into the market as our property has gone up in value. We could not be more happy with their services.

The Campbell family